Monday, 16 June 2014

Topshop nails: Matte collection

A couple of months ago now, I was returning some boots to Topshop (gorgeous knee highs - but not so gorgeous on a 5ft gal!). Whilst at the counter I spotted the Topshop Matte Nails collection. 

I'd been after a matte varnish for quite sometime, and thought I'd take the plunge. Since taking this plunge, I have never looked back.

My nail varnish collection now boasts 3 Topshop matte varnishes and I can't wait to get more. At only £6 a bottle (or 10% off with student discount.. Woohoo!) I think it's a reasonable and affordable purchase. 

I think two coats does trick and have since had a few compliments on my snazzy nails. These are the colours I currently have..

Drink Pink:

Dilly Dally:


Saturday, 31 May 2014

New Look. Just wow.

Wow. New Look is absolutely on top of their shoe game. And I mean, ON TOP (Yes, I did just capitalise). I think New Look can sometimes be a tad hit and miss, when I'm in town shopping (more often than I should, admittedly) I sometimes tend to give New Look a miss. Now I hope they can forgive me, as I clearly have been missing out on a lot. A LOT!

After going to the store in the week and being completely awed by everything, I did a little online browsing. Wow, just wow. Here's some of the absolutely beauties that stole my heart:

Bang on trend and very affordable. Clearly I am leaning towards monochromatic colours with a pale blue thrown in for good measure. My head and my heart are currently arguing about which ones to order!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ashish x Topshop

So, the highly anticipated 'Ashish x Topshop' collection launched last week. After spotting a few cheeky items over on Instagram prior to the launch, I couldn't wait to see the whole collection. 

The collection boasts a mixture of punk and grunge with a nod to the 90s. Hello cool kids alert! I don't think I'm quite cool enough to wear some of the pieces, but I'd definitely add some of them to my wardrobe. Here are my faves:

The collection stays true to the typical Ashish sports vibe, which is still completely bang on trend. The LED buffalo trainers have already graced the likes of Rita Ora and Lily Allen. Now I would love to get my hands on the LED sliders, which are unlike any of the other sliders currently on the highstreet. I don't think my budget could stretch to some of the price tags though however.. So I may just have to improvise and wrap a few glow sticks around my trainers instead!

Wish list: Chinese Laundry

So, as usual on a rainy day (Please return sun, please!) I found myself browsing the old internet for sandals. Of course, sandals would become redundant if this miserable weather continues! However, after a trawl through 'Chinese Laundry' I found some delightful items. Take a look:

As a small human bean, I always find myself gravitating towards heeled sandals. Also as a small human bean, I probably shouldn't be lustingafter knee-high gladiators, but look at them! Ah-mazing. Strappy styled sandals have been all the rage this year, they're so flattering and versatile. Due to their popularity we now have them in all styles and colours. 'Janella' and 'La Paz' are odes to coral cuteness and minty marvels.

Now, if only money grew on trees!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Vanessa Loves to be a Fangirl.

This weekend just gone has seen me through two gigs, two delightfully amazing gigs. Not going to lie, ALOT of fangirling (probably not a word?!) went on!

Wolf Alice headlined a club night called 'Milk' at The Crumblin' Cookie in Leicester. Such a great venue, great band, great vibes and delightfully great tunes. Myself and Louise (bestie) managed to get right to the front (few cheeky elbows in ribs and kicks in the shins) totally worth it! Getting to the front of the stage is amazing, but the icing on the cake.. Getting an autographed set list ANDDDDD (Yes there's more!) get a cheeky picture with the lovely front woman Ellie.

Erm.. Cool pose Vanessa, keep it up!

Louise would make a great front woman right?!

Velvet swing dress: MissGuided, Sequin floral top: Sue Ryder Vintage, Lace up boots: Topshop.

And this is what I wore, was rather happy with this outfit. Pairing the vintage top (which is a two piece and has a matching cardigan) over the velvet swing dress gave it extra shape. Oh, the boots.. Beautiful! The most comfortable boots that I have bought... EVER! Such a bold statement. However, first time wearing them out, and on my feet for agessssss, completely comfortable!

Second gig was the delightful cool Courtney Barnett with support from HoneyBlood. So amazing to see so many acts fronted by women, the feminist side to me was most certainly cheering in solidarity. 

We bumped into HoneyBlood's front woman Stina in The Musician's toilets.. Great place to meet people hey! As Louise posed for pictures with Stina, Courtney Barnett came in - hence the totally surprised faces and then the hand dryer turned on. Picture gold right there!

As we queued for pictures and to meet Courtney at the end, she stayed and spoke to absolutely everyone. She also graciously wouldn't let people jump in or cut the queue. One of the nicest and humble artists I've met in such a long time.

Oh, and Courtney said I had great hair.. Perfect note to end on!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Little things #4

Last week was a delightful one! Why is it, that when you look forward to something, it takes forever to get there and then finishes in a blink of an eye?! Boo.

1) My bestie friend Louise came up for the weekend, we had tickets to go see The Wytches. A great band! The gig was held at The Crumblin Cookie in Leicester, a new fave venue of mine. If you get the chance, definitely go see them, great band and they live up to the hype. I completely fangirled after and got a guitar pick, score!!

2) This is my gorgeous best friend. She lives in Birmingham, which fortunately is only a quick 45 minute train trip away. When we're not setting the world to right over cheap vodka, then we're stuffing ourselves over Las Iguanas or texting random crap to each other. This is what best friends are for, right?

3) Another lovely that happened to be The Wytches, was the gorgeous Madison. We met on a night out yearsssss ago, I happened to be dressed as poison ivy and have her a leaf from my outfit.. As you do! She's dating a lovely guy that I happened to go school with and I can't wait to hang out with them more! 

4) Why is it, that coca-cola always tastes better in glass bottles? Not only is the taste enriched but it looks totally cute to! 

5) My orange, carrot and ginger concoction, definitely bought a smile to my face. It might be because I just fancied a nice fresh drink and threw these ingredients together. Just like the coca-cola in a glass bottle, this smoothie tasted better because I made it myself. You can find the recipe on my previous post.

Love Vanessa xx

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Holy cow, it's pancake day!

Happy pancake day, beautiful peoples. Isn't this day, just amazing, spectacular and totally tasty. Any day that celebrates a food stuff, is more than fine by me, I only wish there were more! My suggestion is cheese straw and olives day :) 

I've been working night shifts recently, so my body is completely drained and exhausted. The feeling 'meh' sums it up quite nicely. I can't get into a regular sleeping pattern, i've been finding myself catching a couple of winks when I can. When it comes to fashion, I do happen to enjoy the shade of purple, but not so attractive when it happens to be small bags under my eyes.

So, I find myself feeling drained and as I said earlier.. Meh (which totally is a word - don't look at me like that!). Around 18:00, my outlook did a 180 and I became euphoric! I think it is pretty clear why, because my darling mother was in the kitchen, frying pan at the ready. I genuinely felt like she was a superhero, coming to the rescue of the lowly damsel in distress (I was in my nightgown at this point, sexy, I know!).

Oh, what a sight for sore eyes, a truly gorgeous and fluffy masterpiece. The last time I consumed pancakes, must have been around a year ago - why so long?! To be united with this delightful creation made me more than happy. I said to Superhero Pancake Woman "I'll only have one!". When I happened to be on my second, I hear "Do you want another?" I, of course responded, "Well, if it's going spare!". I'm not even sorry. Not one bit.

I am a girl of simple tastes, so I opted for a smattering of sugar and a drizzle of lemon. Mouth watering just thinking about it. 

Empty plate.. Evidence indeedy.

Superhero Pancake Woman and myself decided that we should have Pancake day, once a month. I could cry - told you she was a hero!

How did you enjoy pancake day?

Love Vanessa xx